The Milpitas High School Wreath Company - An undertaking by students for students.
About Us
The Milpitas High School Wreath Company (MHSWC) is a mock company that was created to help students receiving special education services develop functional life skills.  Some of these life skills include learning to be responsible for and caring for material goods, understanding money management concepts such as how to purchase goods and handle money, and learning about team work and the rewards of hard work.  The MHSWC teaches and reinforces these skills through modeling and supporting students while they try different roles within the company.  The MHSWC’s main goal is to aid students in achieving the greatest amount of independence with the belief that all students are capable of learning to achieve. 

At first glance, the MHSWC seems like an ordinary fundraiser.  However, when you look deeper, you see how the mock company incorporates language expression and comprehension; how fine motor and motoring planning occurs during the activity; how mathematical concepts are embedded as well as science, social studies, problem solving and reading.  Overall, the goal as this functional based curriculum approach is to break the task down in manageable learning chunks, design visual supports, schedules, and activities.  It is also geared to engage the parents, take data and develop measurable goals so that meaningful outcomes are reached. 
All of the funds raised from this venture flow directly back into the Milpitas High School campus to sponsor special education events.  The Milpitas High School Wreath Company is an undertaking by students for students.
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